API Blackout Test Email Template

Sample email template announcing individual blackout test schedules. Check and modify necessary dates, URL and other info before sending the email.

Sub: Important! V1 API Blackout Test on yyyy-mm-dd

Dear valued customer,

Platform of Trust will be performing scheduled blackout tests on the V1 APIs on <yyyy-mm-dd> at <hh:mm> <timezone> for upto <number of hours>.

During the blackout test period, you might not be able to access the V1 APIs.

It won't be possible to create identity networks, data products, and generating harmonized data during this period.

During the tests, APIs will respond with HTTP status code: 410 Gone

However, you will be able to use all V2 APIs in Platform of Trust. Please check the documentation here.

It should be possible to send requests to all V1 APIs once the blackout test is complete.

The blackout test will start on <yyyy-mm-dd> at hh:mm <timezone> and could last upto <number of hours>.

Start time

<yyyy-mm-dd>, <hh:mm> <timezone>

Estimated duration

<number of hours>

APIs, environments and services affected

The following APIs will not be accessible in Sandbox, Staging, and Production Environments:

Access Control List (ACL) API V1 Application API V1 Broker API V1 Context API V1 Identity API V1 Login API V1 Product API V1

Sandbox environment: https://world-sandbox.oftrust.net/ Staging environment: https://world-staging.oftrust.net/ Production environment: https://sandbox.oftrust.net/

Ontology Viewer: standards.oftrust.net/v2 MyWorld Standard

Mark the date for the blackout test in your calendar by using the calendar invite in the attachment.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you due to this scheduled blackout test.

View full scheduled blackout test details

Best Regards,

Jaro Lexmond

API Product Owner, API coordination & tech support


+358 40 900 3598


part of Vastuu Group

Notes for the development team

The email template is saved in Mailgun under Sandbox domain. This domain is used for testing purpose. When it is sent to actual customers, the domain notifications.oftrust.net should be selected from available domain and the template should be added there.

Make sure to add additional possible consequences that might result from the blackout tests.

The calendar invite should be sent along with the email either as attachment or a direct download link.

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