Developer eXperience Strategy

The below principles define the strategy, high level guidance on Developer eXperience development. If you are wondering if your idea on DX development should be discussed further, then see if you can justify it with the below principles. If your idea implement the principles, then it probably is a pretty damn good idea and you should raise it in Slack.

Developer in the center

understand the needs and workflows of our customer. We need to know who the customers are, how they use our services, what kind of frameworks and tools they use, are they hobby developers, professional developers or something else? We do not proceed product-first, we value customer-first approach more.

Enable flow state

help developers be more productive and happy. Developers are hunting flow state all the time. That is when they are most productive and challenges gets solved. Our DX must enable their flow states and make it easier get into flow state after a break easily.

Support workflows

End-to-end support, understand how our customers use ourt platform in their daily work, what role it has, how we take away the pain.

Self-service tools

enable 24/7 usage,

Be in the front-line in global level

Requires experimentations and culture of fast failure. We can't be int he frontline if we do not take calculated risks and experiments. Our benchmark are the global leaders of API and platform economy.

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