API Deprecation Email

Sample email template notifying customers about API deprecation period. Check and modify necessary dates, URLs and other info before sending the email.

Sub: Platform of Trust - V1 API Deprecation Notice

Dear valued customer,

Thanks as you continue to use Platform of Trust for generating harmonized data flow.

You are probably aware, that we have released the 2.0 version of Platform of Trust Architecture and as part of it, version 2 (V2) of our API family.

As from the date <yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm timezone>, our V1 APIs will be entering into their deprecated lifecycle stage. It means, the APIs still remain operational and can be used, but WE WILL NO LONGER SUPPORT or RECOMMEND THEM TO USE.

All APIs entering into the deprecated stage will contain deprecation-header as part of their response body:

Deprecation: Sat, 1 Aug 2020 23:59:59 GMT 
Link: <https://api-sandbox.oftrust.net/api-name/v2>; rel="deprecation"; type="text/html", 
<https://docs.oftrust.net/api-name/v2>; rel="deprecation"; type="text/html"

We keep our API documentation up to date. You will find additional information about deprecated APIs and their endpoints from here.

As V2 APIs are up and fully functional, we suggest that start adopting the newer version of the APIs in order to get the desired experience from Platform of Trust capabilities.

New URLs for the V2 APIs are:

sandbox: https://api-sandbox.oftrust.net/api-name/v2 staging: https://api-staging.oftrust.net/api-name/v2 production: https://api.oftrust.net/api-name/v2 API Documentation: https://docs.oftrust.net/api-name/v2 API Descriptions: https://developer.oftrust.nets/apis/api-name

After the V1 APIs have been deprecated for a while, we will move forward sunsetting the deprecated API, meaning it will become completely unresponsive. We'll notify you about the sunsetting period and actions you need to take from your side in a separate email.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, concerns, or special requirements from us. We encourage all developers to ask Platform of Trust related questions in StackOverflow, attaching the platform-of-trust tag in it.

Thank you for your efforts and hard works.

Best Regards,

Jaro Lexmond

API Product Owner, API coordination & tech support


+358 40 900 3598


part of Vastuu Group

Notes for the development team

The email template is saved in Mailgun under Sandbox domain. This domain is used for testing purpose. When it is sent to actual customers, the domain notifications.oftrust.net should be selected from available domain and the template should be added there.

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