Edit ontology

According to W3C principles and PoT guidelines

Opening PoT Core Ontology file with Protégé is easy. The editor is easy to use but you should know what you are doing. In general, you should be logical and consistent. These guides will get you started:

The W3C Web Ontology Language guide is here: https://www.w3.org/TR/owl-guide/

Ontology Development 101: https://protege.stanford.edu/publications/ontology_development/ontology101.pdf

PoT guidelines for editing the ontology


  • Make increments. You can add new subclasses under the current classes. You can also add new properties.

  • Add missing annotations and refine existing ones.

  • Be logical and semantically consistent.


  • Do not delete anything from the PoT Core Ontology. You are allowed to delete only the classes that you have added yourself.

  • Do not edit the class or property names of PoT Core Ontology. You are allowed to edit only the names of the classes you have added.

  • Do not change the types of relations between the current classes. You are allowed to change only the relation types of the classes you have added.

If any of the above restrictions is not followed, it may cause a breaking change.

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